MessageCollection is not disposed

When I logged in with a different account than the previous one, I receive these kinds of messages

I tried to dispose MessageCollection, clear GroupChannel, disconnect Sendbird. But none of them works.
Do I miss something or something working with Background Syncing

Messages appear to be cached and data from the old account remains.
Did you log out of your old account and log back in after init?

Clearing the cache only needs to be handled manually by the views in onCacheResult and onApiResult.

Yes, I call sendBird.disconnect() when logging out and sendBird.connect when logging in again with a different user

Besides, your example is for web not android

Connecting and disconnecting is usually automatic.
To log in as a new user, after sendBird.disconnect, you must log in as the new user, starting with an initialization rather than sendBird.connect.

SendBird.init(APP_ID, getApplicationContext());

If that doesn’t work, here’s a method to clear the caching:

Try that but still does not work

public async clearCurrentCache(): Promise<void> {
    await this.sendBird.clearCachedData();
    await this.sendBird.disconnect();
    this._sendBird = undefined;

  private clearGroupChannels() {
    this.groupChannels.forEach(groupChannel => groupChannel.dispose());
    this.groupChannels = new Map();

Group Channel:

public dispose(): void {
    this.eventHandlers = [];

Regardless of MessageCollection, existing channel information does not exist when you log in as a new user.
For example, when I log in as user1 and when I log in as user2, do I get a different list of channels?
(user1 and user2 are subscribed to different channels)

If possible, could you please video record the process and show it to me?

The crux of the problem may be wrong.
You said that the MessageCollection is not disposed, but the image is “User must be a member” . Image error messages can have many causes.

No errors when logging back into your old account?