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The onPressAvatar function in MessageRenderer, if my conjecture is correct, is not being utilized within MessageIncomingAvatar. Consequently, the avatar click is operational under all circumstances. Could you possibly verify this?

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  • 2.5.0

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      onPressMediaMessage={(fileMessage, deleteMessage) => {
        navigation.navigate('SendbirdFileViewer', {
          serializedFileMessage: fileMessage.serialize(),
      onChannelDeleted={() => {
      onPressHeaderLeft={() => {
      onPressHeaderRight={() => {}}
      renderMessage={props => <MessageRenderer {...props} onPressAvatar={() => {}} />}
const MessageIncomingAvatar = ({ message, grouping }: Props) => {
  const { show } = useUserProfile();
  if (grouping) return <View style={styles.avatar} />;
  return (
    <View style={styles.avatar}>
      {(message.isFileMessage() || message.isUserMessage()) && (
        <Pressable onPress={() => show(message.sender)}>
          <Avatar size={26} uri={message.sender?.profileUrl} />

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  • Always

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  • At present, we have no intention of employing the avatar click event. Therefore, I should be able to resolve this by passing null to onPressAvatar.

Hello, the MessageRenderer component does not have the onPressAvatar prop.
Next week, we plan to deploy the enableUsingDefaultUserProfile option, which is related to disabling the message profile. Thank you.

I too have a similar problem
I want to make the profile card visible but only the message button in the card not visible. Is this feature planned to be added?

No, there are no plans to provide such a feature. We are currently refactoring the group channel message components. We also plan to implement onPressAvatar prop, so we recommend implementing it using custom components after that.
Thank you.

Have you published this? If you haven’t published it, is there a specific schedule for when it will be published? @Airen_Kang

Hello, React-Native UIKit is currently preparing a major update with several additional features included. (One of the features is closely related to the uikit options which includes enableUsingDefaultUserProfile)
The release is maybe around the last week of June. If it’s urgent, you can temporarily patch files with patch-package. I apologize for the delay in the work.

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