"messages": [] response for list messages of group


I’ve been using Sendbird for months for our client’s requirement of a chatapp.

Now, I can create users and groups, send messages but when I list messages I’m getting “messages”:

Let me show you with steps I followed!

I have created users and groups, let’ send a message first.
[POST] https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages
[PARAMETERS]: application_id, channel_type, channel_url
[HEADERS]: Api-Token
[BODY]: “user_id”, “message”, “message_type”: “MESG”

Message sent successfully!

Let’s try to get that message which I sent previously.
[GET] https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages/{message_id}
[PARAMETERS]: application_id, channel_type, channel_url
, message_id
[HEADERS]: Api-Token

“message”: ““Message” not found.”,
“code”: 400201,
“error”: true

I have sent hundreds of messages to lots of groups but every time same response.

Let’s try to list all messages for a particular group.

[GET] https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages?message_ts=1638113191
[PARAMETERS]: application_id, channel_type, channel_url, message_ts
[HEADERS]: Api-Token



I have created users and groups!
Groups are created as group_channels.
Users have joined the group.

Still, I’m not able to figure out the problem!

Hi @contact.pratik10,

I see you submitted a case via our Support Portal. We’ll go ahead and cover this topic there.