Missing Info.plist in xcarchive with latest versions of SDKs

SDK versions:

  pod 'SendBirdUIKit', '2.2.0'
  pod 'SendBirdSDK', '3.1.0'

After doing product-archive (or using CLI) resulting xcarchive file does not have Info.plist at root directory which causes xcarchive' is malformed error after running xcodebuild.
However, if I revert SDKs to older versions:

  pod 'SendBirdUIKit', '2.1.13'
  pod 'SendBirdSDK', '3.0.236'

Everything works fine. There was some change which causes our build process to fail. Not sure what could cause that but I am 99% it’s some setting in Sendbird SDK causing that. I am on M1.

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Let me know if it’s reported somewhere else (could not find).
Btw. if someone is not seeing archive in Xcode organizer it’s caused by those versions of SDKs.

Guys, any updates on it?
Sadly it took me whole day to figure out why our builds are failing and it turned out to be some internal issue in SendBird SDK.

Hello @pzmudzinski we will look into this and get back to you! Thanks for your patience

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Hi @pzmudzinski ,

Please update to 2.2.1 and please let me know if there is same issue.

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Seems to be fixed! Thanks!
Wondering, what caused that?