Native libraries in build after sendbird integration

Uikit version - 2.1.6
Android OS- Android 11

After adding send bird uikit to our app, the APK size is increased significantly due to the addition of some native lib files. Are these needed for uikit to work properly? or can it be removed?Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 9.52.53 PM

Hi, @Bala_Krishna

UIKit doesn’t have special native libs.
I cannot guess what it is from your image.

I guess it can be the OkHttp sources. I think it is good not to remove it.

hey @Doo_Rim
I have been using Okhttp before adding send bird, but it didn’t have these native files. Any idea behind why it got added after including send bird?

I guess our core sdk uses Conscrypt library to use TLS 1.3
If you don’t need it, you can remove it.

@Doo_Rim okay. thanks :slight_smile: