New group channels created for users that exceeded 2000 group channels causing issues

When a user exceeds 2000 group channels, I can still include him in new group channels by creating using the Create group channels endpoint but he won’t be able to send messages, I believe the error code the user receives is 900023 (not totally sure)
And this group channel will cause other issues, Like when I fetch the list of groups for that user using GET /v3/users/{userID}/my_group_channels endpoint, the server will return this group channel as one of the results, but when I try to remove him from this group channel using PUT v3/group_channels/{channelUrl}/leave I get the following:

  error: true,
  message: "\"Joined users were not found in the provided user\" not found.",
  code: 400201,

So the user can’t send messages and can’t leave the group chat.

[SDK Version]
Platform API V3

[Reproduction Steps]
If the user exceeds 2000 group channels, new group channels that include this user as a member will have this issue

Every time a user exceeds 2000 group channels

[Current impact]
The user is stuck with group channels where they can’t send messages and can’t leave the group, the user ends up with many group channels stuck in this status

Hi @Abd.

If you look at the user’s state in the group channel, it should " state": "invited" and the user is not totally a member of the channels. To remove the user from the member list, you need to use this decline invitation API

If you look at other members’ states, it is joined as "state": "joined". These users can send messages and leave the channels.

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Understood, Thanks for the help

I overlooked this part since we set the “Default channel invitation preference” in our application settings to ‘Joins automatically when invited’, So I guess once the user exceeds the group channels limit then the new group channels invitations won’t be automatically accepted, which makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation!

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