New users created via v3 API don't get tokens and produce unique constraint violations (albeit being created)

Hello everyone,

We are building a chat app with Sendbird and we’ve hit a problem which we can’t resolve on our side. I’d be grateful if someone points me in the right direction where to look for support.

The problem is:

Our app is using V3 API to create a new user and issue an access token in one request, in accordance with the documentation.

We make:

POST https://api-{$APITOKEN}
"user_id": 73,
"nickname": "bzbx",
"profile_url": null,
"issue_access_token": true

We have deleted all previously created users in SB dashboard and made sure that the user’s ID we pass is unique.

We receive in response:

`400 Bad Request` response:
{"message":"\"user_id\" violates unique constraint.","code":400202,"error":true}

But the user is created nevertheless and appears in SB dashboard. The biggest problem for us is: the user doesn’t get an access token (although we surely pass issue_access_token=true as per the docs) and therefore cannot take part in the chats in our app.

Most frustrating is the fact that it happens randomly, once per 3-4 times a new user is created.

We are on a free trial until we make sure that we can work with Sendbird smoothly. Please let me know if we are entitled to any assistance from SB Team at this point and where to look for it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Neskodi,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. As you’ve already generated a support case for this as well, I’ll go ahead and close out your community posts. We asks that you direct your questions to a singular forum as to not create extra work for the team.