Normal group channel conversion to super group channel

i am using developer account. i tried changing my normal group channel to super group channel by updating flag is_super = True. But i got error stating “Not authorised”. Why is it so? How can i test my flow. My compony wants to integrate with sendbird and before that we wanted to map all usecases.

Hello @vkay, Welcome to Sendbird Community.

Can you provide the Sendbird application ID, group channel URL, and user ID from which you tried to convert to a super group channel through DM?

Hello @vkay,

It seems like you have shared the confidential details publicly.

I request you to immediately delete this post and reset the Api-Token of your application to avoid any potential security risks.

If the Api-Token you shared is master token, please reach out to us through Dashboard so that we can rotate the master token of your application.

what are steps to raise request for reseting master token as technical issue ticket cannot be raised for paid plan only