Notification from FCM not contains Notification

Hello, i have an application need to use the FCM notification,

Notification from FCM not contains Notification field so i cant navigate to specific screen when click notification after kill app.

Would you mind to set it up, please? This is my Application ID: 2A768159-4CD2-499B-BEE5-20BD80C0DB5F
Thank you

Hello @Quoc_Tran

We are delivering the payload only through FCM data message.
Please refer to the link below and handle it on the app.

And I changed the settings to enable the use_fcm_notification of the app.(2A768159-4CD2-499B-BEE5-20BD80C0DB5F)
Check it out together.


I am able to handle notification when the app is in foreground but when its in background, notification object is handled by platform’s own notification tray, and because of having no notification object its not showing any notification (PS at this time the app is in background or not running, thus our native handling code cant do anything)