Number of Group channels Limit per plan

Number of Group channels Limit per plan, Is there a limitation?


Is there an application setting to turn off the Attachment feature ?

Hi @BCH,

Number of Group channels are limited to 2000 per users for all plans. For attachement, There is no specific flag on application setting to turn it off but you can exlcude it from implementaion to disable attachment feature.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


How many channels an application have?

Hi @BCH,

The number of Group channels is not associated with the app but with users in the app. One user in your app can be part of a max 2000 channels. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Ok… Thanks @Dhaval_Patel

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Hi @Dhaval_Patel , What is the error or exception if we try to add the one user more than 2000 channels?.

And a user means member and operators both?
Or Is it limited to member alone?
Can you please help?

Hi @BCH,

Once users joined the 2000 channels, Any further channel that they try to join will only show the state is invited. Regarding exceptions on the backend, You should get something like the attached screenshot(It’s from our JS SDK.)

Please find more information on the type of channels and its limitations here:Channel types | Chat iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs and let us know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the information @Dhaval_Patel

Few more questions:

  1. Is this limitation (2000) applicable to operator role users also?

  2. Is this limitation (2000) varies per plan?

Hi @BCH,

The limitation of 2000 group max per user applies to all users, including operators and moderators, and it’s the same for all plans provided by SendBird. Usually, there is an end of chat flow implemented for users so that the app can manage the group limitation per user.

Can you please share some more details for your use case regarding the max channel per user? Meanwhile, if you have any other questions, please let us know.


@Tyler @Sendbird-Product

Use case: We create a group channel for all our intake purchases (this can be more than 2000)

Current flow: Once purchase is done, we want to retain history and we froze the channel.

Problem: Though the Channel is frozen, the user in the channel is counted as being part of channel and we are not able to add user to new channel.

Querry: Can we not count user as being part of channel when channel is frozen OR retain group history without any users being in the channel.

Right now we have major issue as we are not able to add purchase managers to our group chats. Any quick solution or suggestion is appreciated.


Hi @harsha,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

You can submit a case to our Support team via the Dashboard and we can temporarily increase this limit by a limited amount. That being said, the long term solution would be to remove users from channels that are no longer immediately needed.

Channel counts are based on channel membership and not channel state. Meaning that any channel a user is joined to is counted against the 2000 limit and is not impacted by whether the channel is frozen or hidden.

Thanks for reply.

But in user setting, It says if Channels are hidden its not counted against this.

I did try to hide for channels using the api provided and the count did go down. But the user was not able to rejoin the 2000th chat he was not added to even when the count fell to 1995 after hiding channels.

Also, our use case is such that this number will keep on growing and we could save group channel url in our server after removing all the users in it, but without any users channel we can’t add back new user to look at the history. Is there any way we can extract channel history and remove all the users from the group channel.

I can see why that would be confusing. These two things are not the same. The group channel count that is returned in the dashboard is really making a modified call to this endpoint. From the dashboard, we are only passing state which means we’re using the default value of unhidden_only for hidden_mode. It’s not a true value of how many channels the user is joined to, just the ones they can see. The rationale behind this decision is because when you click on the number of channels, and it takes you to the list of channels for the user, it makes a call to my_group_channels which is from the perspective of the user and not the system thus not returning hidden channels.

The only way to actually decrease the number of channels the user is joined to is to have them leave the channel. By default, when all users leave a channel, the channel is deleted. Now this behavior can be turned off. This would allow you to remove all users from the channel and store the URL for later user. If you’re interested in this, please DM me your application ID and I can make that change for you.

@Tyler We got it turned off from support. Thanks