OG tag image quality in chats is very poor

The quality of OG tag images that are shown under website links is really low in Android UIKit. It is much higher in UIKit for iOS.

This is how it look in Android (text is blurred for privacy reasons):

The text on the image is completely unreadable in Android. It is not perfect in iOS as well, but much better.

I looked into the source code, and it seems to me that the size of this image is hardcoded and could be increased by any means.

Could you please increase the image quality for this component or at least make it customizable in any way?

[UIKit Version]

I wasn’t able to attach the second image in original post, but here is how it looks in iOS:

Look at the text in the image. It is more recognizable.

Hi @volshevski. Could you give to share a WEB URL to test it on our end by message, please?

Hey @sardorbek.numonov

Here is the link to original post:

@sardorbek.numonov I’m pretty sure it is because the og image is downscaled in this line
builder.load(ogImageUrl).centerCrop().sizeMultiplier(0.3f).listener(/* ... */).into(binding.ivOgImage). Size multiplier downscales the image to 30% of the View size, which is extremely low.

@volshevski @Avinash_Savant Yes, Android UIKit is downscaling. Our engineers will fix it soon and release a new version. Thank you for understanding.

Hi @volshevski @Avinash_Savant Could you please update the UIKit SDK version to 3.5.3? The issue was fixed and released in UIKit SDK v3.5.3

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@sardorbek.numonov Thank you, it works correctly now!