onChannelSelect Highlight

I’m using the sendbird react uikit in my app and have made a few custom components to match my theme better, however, I’m facing a usability problem in the ChannelList component. I have a simple ChannelList component that works perfectly and shows all my channel previews. When I click on a channel and the onChannelSelect callback is fired, I am properly navigated to the channel detail screen. However, when I come back, the channel is always highlighted and I cannot click on it again. The channel’s background is highlighted using a purple banner to indicate that the channel is “selected” somehow. But I cannot click on the channel again. I have to click on another channel (say B), come back to the ChannelList screen and then click on the original channel which was highlighted (say A). Doing this of course then makes the second channel (B) highlighted and I cannot click on it.

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  1. Import a simple ChannelList component from the library:
    import ChannelList from “@sendbird/uikit-react/ChannelList”;
  2. Create 2-3 Channels
  3. Click on any Channel and come back to the original ChannelList screen and the selected channel should now be highlighted and un-clickable.

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It is poor usability and is delaying my product launch.
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