Open chat window via anchor or other HTML element on page?

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but is there a way to have (for example) a “Chat Now” anchor tag somewhere in my page that I could configure, through a JavaScript call, to open the AI Chatbot window?

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Thank you so much for reaching out.
I’m wondering if you might mention a little more about what you are referring to in terms of the AI Chatbot window?

Are you referring to Sendbird’s pre-built widget or something you have built please?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the follow-up. I have my AI Chatbot (Sendbird’s prebuilt widget) configured to be normally closed to save screen real estate, and from a product perspective could use more support to notify users of its existence. I don’t think everybody knows that the little icon in the lower right of the page will invoke a chatbot. What would be great are two features:

  1. ability to have and configure a dialog box for awareness and to call out the utility of the chatbot, like the attached screenshot.

  2. ability to programmatically open the chat window through Javascript, so I could have a link in my footer, for example, that says “Contact Customer Service” that opens the AI Chatbot window.

LMK if this makes sense, and thank you!

@crawdaddy Hi there. I’m not sure about the dialogue box. Are you able to expand further please.

In terms of the manipulating the interface with a custom button, I have provided and example here.

The example finds the original button hides it and then allows a different button to call click on the hidden original button. I’m sorry it is not natively like this, but it is a reasonable work around.

p.s - For the code to work you will need to add your own app_id and bot_id (line 33).

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Hey Jason, thanks for the custom button example - much appreciated!

On the dialogue box, let me try to explain again. While I don’t want my AI chatbot window open by default, it would be nice to optionally have a callout (“dialogue box”) like the below to indicate what the button is for. Text on the callout would, ideally, be configurable in the settings. Please forgive my crude graphic design.


Hope this makes sense, thanks again!

Arh… I see.

I’ve add such a functionality to this example.

You need to add you app_id and bot id.
You can use the css in the style tag to adjust the position of the dialogue.
You can change the content of the dialogue by adjusting the callOut innerHTML. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks Jason! Really appreciate it. Let me know if the product team has plans to consider making this a fully-integrated feature!

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