OpenAI will not answer questions from url on iPhone even though it works in dashboard

I have scanned a website by OpenAI and it is working in the dashboard. SendBird is initializing in my AppDelegate with no errors but when I run it on the iPhone the bot does not answer questions the same way it works in the dashboard.

I am using SendBird UIKit and pushing the view controller like this

let channelListVC = SBUGroupChannelListViewController()
navigationController?.pushViewController(channelListVC, animated: true)

What am I missing?

Hello, chuckmychart.

Did you create a group channel and invite the bot-id set from the dashboard to converse, and the bot didn’t respond?

I don’t know how to set the botID for the SBUGroupChannelListViewController().

I really want to go directly to the chat, not through a group channel.

To use:

    let openChannelVC = SBUOpenChannelViewController()
    openChannelVC.channelUrl = "CHANNEL_URL"
    navigationController?.pushViewController(openChannelVC, animated: true)

But there doesn;t seem to be any documentation on what the “CHANNEL_URL” should be or if that brings along the botID

I apologize for the late response.

Can you try configuring and executing it as follows?

  1. AppDeletegate
func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    let APP_ID = "~~~~~"    // Specify your Sendbird application ID.
    let USER_ID = "~~~~~"   // User ID
    SendbirdUI.initialize(applicationId: APP_ID) { error in
        if let error {
            print(error.localizedDescription, #function, #file, #line)

    SBUGlobals.currentUser = SBUUser(userId: USER_ID)
    SendbirdUI.connect { user, error in
        if let error {
            print(error.localizedDescription, #function, #file, #line)
    return true
  1. ViewController
let botName = "~~~~~" // your bot id.

let params = GroupChannelCreateParams()
params.userIds = [botName]
params.isDistinct = true
GroupChannel.createChannel(params: params) { channel, error in
    if error != nil { return }
    guard let channel = channel else { return }
    let vc = SBUGroupChannelViewController(channel: channel)
    self.navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)