Passing view at `renderMessageInput` prop on `OpenChannel` component is not being rendered

Passing view at renderMessageInput prop on OpenChannel component is not being rendered

I’m using @sendbird/uikit-react": "^3.3.7" and trying to override the chat’s INPUT via renderMessageInput prop on OpenChannel. But seems like, the input area is always default one, not the one I’m passing. Any idea?


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This is because the OpenChannel module does not have a prop of renderMessageInput. It has a prop of renderInput which does work. You can see an example here: UIKit V3 - OpenChannel - CodeSandbox

You can check out all the available props here: sendbird-uikit-react/index.tsx at main · sendbird/sendbird-uikit-react · GitHub

@taylor thanks for your reply.

Actually i was referring to the official doc of v3, and the doc says it supports the prop, we might need an update there, here is the SS of the same

It looks like you’re looking at the V2 docs and not the V3. I can’t seem to find where that code lives outside of the V2 docs which is no longer supported.

If you see the URL, I’m looking at the v3 only.

These two screenshots are different but I already asked our team to update this latest one you provided.

Does Channel module supports this renderInput because, we are able to use this prop for open channel, we also want to use for Channel (DMs).

If there is any other way to customize the INPUT for DMs, Private Group.

Channel users renderMessageInput prop which you can see here: Group channel | UIKit React SDK | Sendbird Docs