Please add additioinal props to renderChatItem

Hi Team

If we use renderChatItem, we have to design the message as well, in this case from the code I can see so many useful properties available that can be passed to render chatItem, this a we no need to rewrite the same logics again inside the renderChatItem which are already available in the UIKit.

For example:

  1. hasSeperator, which displays the date:
  2. the read receipts/delivery receipts status

Would you please add these props to the renderChatItem? and Would you add more documentation about each prop of these customizable components?


FYI - In the above screenshot, in Channel.js We have MessageHoc and renderChatItem for the same purpose but we are passing very few props to renderChatItem, can we pass other possible MessageHoc props to renderChatItem as well? eg - disabled, hasSeperator


You may find it beneficial to take a look at our open sourced UIKit, where you can find a lot of the source code for these components, which you could then re-implement into your use case. I do not recommend using the complete open sourced UIKit in your project unless absolutely necessary as its harder for us to support long term.

FYI - Pass missing properties to renderChatItem by satya-imaginea · Pull Request #12 · sendbird/sendbird-uikit-react · GitHub

Hi @satyanarayana_ruppa,

We actually don’t accept external pull requests to our Repos. I’ve let our team know to close out the PR and disable that feature. I’ll see if they comment on the actual change.