Postman Authorization

I am trying to use Postman to exercise the API. I create a request and select Authorization->Basic. I enter my email address and password. When I run the request I still get

"message": "Invalid value: \"Api-Token. Api-Token is missing.\".",

"code": 400401,

"error": true

for a response. Has anyone tried to do something similar?

Hi @rburton,

Authorization doesn’t work that way for Sendbird. You’ll need to create a header with the key of Api-Token and the value of your API Token.

This is what I read in the documentation. Where are you looking? Anyway the ‘token’ is the base64 encoded value of email:password? Thank you.


That portion of our documentation is outdated and we are in the process of updating it. We do not support basic authentication for the Organization API any longer.

Thank you. So is the “token” base64 encoded email + ‘:’ + password?

For the Organization API, you must pass the SENDBIRDORGANIZATIONAPITOKEN header with the token from your dashboard:

For Platform API, you must pass the Api-Token header, with an Api Token from your Dashboard:

What is the “Organization API”?

I see the Master Api Token but I don’t seem to be able to access it. Is there another password other than the one I use to login to the dashboard?

The Organization API is the API used to manage your organization: Organization API | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

The Master API token should be visible using the password you used to sign in as long as you’re the owner or an admin.

If I am using Postman should I delve into the Organization API? As an organization we primarily use the JavaScript SDK to send/receive messages. II am interested in using Postman to exercise some requests that normally would use the JavaScript SDK.

I guess I am not the owner or admin because my password doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to tell if I am an owner or admin?

The Organization API is utilized to manage the organization, such as creation applications programatically. The Javascript SDK would not have any ability to interaction with that API. Since you’re looking to make calls that the Javascript SDK would, you would want to utilize the Platform API.

I checked your role within your organization and you are neither an Admin or Owner and so you would need to request that token from someone within your organization that does have that access.

Sorry to be such a pain. I entered the Api-Token, and now I get another failed response:

"message": "Not authorized. \"The delivery receipt feature is not enabled.\".",

"code": 400108,

"error": true


What endpoint did you call? It looks like it has something to do with delivery receipts, which is not enabled on the application you’re accessing. This can be seen by going to Settings > Features

I am just copying the URL that chows up in the network tab (in the Chrome debugger) of our application that uses JavaScript SDK. It apparently works. At least it returns a 200 HTTP status code.