Private Channel Preview UI Component

We’re using the latest version of UIKit with Javascript. We have an interest in creating a channel “preview” for private channels. E.g. in Slack when you have the option to “view” a channel before clicking “Join Channel” to join it.

We use the UIKit Channel component, and I was wondering if there is component we can just pass a list of messages to generate a view that looks like the Channel component, but is not actually having joined the channel. I couldn’t find it documented anywhere if it already exists, or if perhaps there’s some lower-level view component which can be exported from your library that can accomplish this. In theory we could use the API to get the list of messages in the channel, then just pass to the component for rendering it, without needing to join the channel (as we don’t want people to join these channels unless necessary)


Sample of what I’m talking about in Slack:



Hi @nicholascm,

We don’t have any extra components within the UIKit other than what is currently exposed. You could potentially implement this using our open sourced UIKit. You’d have to build in the functionality that if the user isn’t joined to the channel but clicks on it to pull messages via the API.

This is fantastic - yes seems we can potentially use this.