Push Notification using FCM in Flutter(iOS)

I am trying to send Push Notification to our Flutter App using FCM. While it is working fine with Android, it does not work with iOS. I believe the problem is that Sendbird does not send “content_available” parameter in the notification payload. Due to this the onBackgroundMessage callback does not run, which in turn does not show the notification in the App. Please be informed that I am using flutter_local_notifications along with firebase_messaging plugins.
I want to know if someone else is also facing the same problem. Also, let me know if there is a better way to implement this feature.
Thank You.

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Hey @Arslan, Could you please send your app ID to me via DM (Direct Message)?

I am facing the same problem. I can get it to work with flutter_apns, but would rather use firebase_messaging as the flutter_apns package is not updated. Did you manage to resolve this? Would be great if you could share your tips

Hello @Arslan you need to upload apple certificate on sendbird dashboard and use APNS token to register in order to make push notification works on iOS device.

I think latest firebase messaging supports a feature for APNS token. You are no longer need to use flutter_apns to register APNS token

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We are also having issues with push notifications to Flutter+iOS in the same way that @Arslan describes. This issue on github goes into this, and one commenter suggests patching the library by removing two checks for gcm.message_id. @Arslan, did you ultimately solve the issue, and if so, was it by patching the library in this way? @Woo, is there more insight you can provide on firebase messaging’s support for APNS tokens? Thank you, everyone!

Having same issue for this.

Push notification does come in as APNs but I need the push to come as FCM not APNs.

so FCM’s onBackgroundMessage/onMessage.listen/onMessageOpenedApp.listen method’s cannot catch Sendbird’s push.

How do I have to solve this?