Push Notifications - React Native - Watching LOTS of channels dynamically?

I’m a bit confused on how to set up push notifications with my current use case.

Use Case: On my application, a user is apart of hundreds of channels that consist of small communications with a few people. In these conversations, I want to push notifications to their devices when they are mentioned in any of these channels.

If a user is not in the channel and they are mentioned, I first invite them, where they join automatically without accepting, and then send the mention.

It appears, from the implementation links offered by Sendbird that you are only able to watch one channel at a time. On top of that, I don’t always know which channels my user is in.

const localNotification = new firebase.notifications.Notification({
    show_in_foreground: true
.android.setChannelId(CHANNEL_ID) // only one channel available to watch

Am I wrong to assume this? I haven’t figured out how to watch for all channels that my user is currently in and send push notifications when necessary.

Help help would be appreciated.

Hi. @bgold

in the line .android.setChannelId(CHANNEL_ID) the channel here is not part of Sendbird. Please consider the channel to be an “Android Notification Channel” belonging to Android and not associated with Sendbird other than as a conduit to pipe Sendbird’s notifications through.

Please also consider that Sendbird does not send notification type messages. This means that firebase.notifications.Notfications also is not suitable for this case.

If you are using the latests version of Firebase I’d like to recommend using this blog post as a reference. As I know, Sendbird’s docs are in the process of being updated to account for changes starting from Firebase version 6.