queryCreator not working for createGroupChannelFragment with sendbird/uikit-react-native@2.3.0

when I am trying to add queryCreator to include parentMessage and reactions, the app is getting crashed on the chat screen with createGroupChannelFragment

[Reproduction Steps]

const GroupChannelListFragment = createGroupChannelFragment()

//TRIAL-1:  tried this not working
  const query = PreviousMessageListQuery();
query.includeParentMessageInfo: true

//TRIAL-2:  tried this not working
const customQuery = {
    query.includeParentMessageInfo: true
  return query
 // queryCreator={customQuery }
 // queryCreator={query }
  // queryCreator={
  //   new PreviousMessageListQuery({
  //     limit: 30,
  //     includeReactions: true,
  //     includeParentMessageInfo: true,
  //   })
  // }
  //render item
  renderMessage={({message}) => {
    return <RenderItem message={message}/>

everytime - high

  const listQuery = activeChannel.createPreviousMessageListQuery();

  const customQuery = () => {
    listQuery.includeReaction = true;
    listQuery.includeParentMessageInfo = true;
    return listQuery;

tried this but ParentMessageInfo were null and empty, its not even showing and message lists are loading everytime after sending a message

this is working, thank you.

  const createPreviousMessageListQuery = () => {
    let listQuery = activeChannel?.createPreviousMessageListQuery();
    listQuery.limit = 20;
    listQuery.reverse = false;
    listQuery.includeMetaArray = true;
    listQuery.includeReaction = true;
    listQuery.replyType = 'all';
    listQuery.includeThreadInfo = true;
    listQuery.includeParentMessageInfo = true;
    listQuery.isLoading = false;

    return listQuery;


but messages(entire chat screen) is loading every time, when i send a message :frowning:

You might want to experiment with wrapping createPreviousMessageListQuery() in a useCallback or pull it out of your component all together so it’s not recreating the function each time your component state changes (i.e. when you send/receive a message)

Could anyone here help me with this: How to `includeEmpty` for React Native GroupChannelListFragment

This question seems the closest to what I’m trying to achieve but with the channel list instead of the channel message list. Couldn’t find anything in the docs about it