React Native / JS SDK / React - useGroupChannelList / createGroupChannelCollection

**Hello community,
The context of the issue is the following, I have to build an app that needs to filter chats and have the ability to search on them, show only unhidden chats and with some other filters. It needs to get updated when some UI components get interacted with. It is also presented on an infinite-list so I need some behavior like: refresh, load more and else
The issue is: sdk.groupChannel.createGroupChannelCollection may return the 4 channels that match the filters once and then never again, they also doesn’t work with refresh. The setup for making this work is pretty weird and cofusing but seemed to be working with users listing. **

[UIKit Version]
@sendbird/chat - ^4.9.8
@sendbird/react-native-scrollview-enhancer - ^0.2.1
@sendbird/uikit-react-native - ^3.1.0

[Reproduction Steps]
// Please provide reproduction steps and, if possible, code snippets.

Every time I want to do something on my channel list

[Current impact]
This is pretty important since I am not able to properly list chats

Some extra stuff:
Writing this feels super wrong

const collectionCreator = useCallback((): GroupChannelCollection => {
    const query = sdk.groupChannel.createGroupChannelCollection({
      filter: {
        includeEmpty: true,
        includeFrozen: true,
        searchFilter: {
          fields: [
          query: search,
        unreadChannelFilter: unread
          ? UnreadChannelFilter.UNREAD_MESSAGE
          : UnreadChannelFilter.ALL,
        hiddenChannelFilter: archived
          ? HiddenChannelFilter.HIDDEN_PREVENT_AUTO_UNHIDE
          : HiddenChannelFilter.UNHIDDEN,
      } as GroupChannelFilter,
    queryRef.current = query;
    return query;
  }, [search]);

  const { refresh, next, groupChannels, loading } = useGroupChannelList(
    { collectionCreator, enableCollectionWithoutLocalCache: true },