[Question] Check limitation on using platform API call


I having some of question before using for our service.

I’d like to call every second this method to 10 channels from 1 machine at the same time.

GET https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages
(from : https://docs.sendbird.com/platform/messages)

Is it abnormal to use Sendbird like this? (or Can I be blocked if I use it like this?)

Thank you.

Hey @jongun.won, so you shouldn’t be blocked from doing this, you do however have to have the premium feature enabled to use this endpoint. Can I ask what your use-case would be?

Thank you for your answer.

My case is :

  1. Only we need to cover 10,000 user(mobile client) can chat in just only one screen at the same time.
  • I will using openchannel, but I found this from your docs : (A single open channel can accommodate up to 1,000 simultaneous users ~ )
  1. I already request premium plan to one of the AE at Sendbird.
  • Not started plan yet.".
  1. Now, I subscribe basic plan for pre-application developing.

So, I asked this question because of number 1.

My Scraping-server collecting chat data every second from all of openchannels and then 10,000 clients(mobile) getting data from the Scraping-server.

Do you have any idea in your plan?


Hey @jongun.won,

As a customer you should be able to increase the amount of members in a channel beyond 1,000 so that should meet that use case!

Oh, Thank you Alex.
I will make discussion with project manager.

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