React Native and SendBird don't work on the background

Hi everybody, I am using the SendBird SDK to implement a chat in my App that is being developed with React Native and Firebase, but I’m getting a weird behavior, when I am browsing the App and use the chat it works just find but when the App goes to run in the background after 40 seconds if I have a process going on for example fulfilling a form, when I reopen the App it starts all over again. the question is how can I do to keep the App running in the background and avoid this behavior

Sendbird 3.0.116
React Native 0.61.2
React 16.8.1
React Native Firebase 5.6.0


Because you are using ReactNative you can choose if the app is running in the background or not.
There is some documentation relating to it here. I have also attacted an FAQ document outlining the nature of Sendbird’s connection manager. SendBird Connection FAQ - External (6).pdf (216.0 KB)

Note : The Chat SDKs for iOS and Android automatically detect the state of your application, but the Chat SDK for JavaScript doesn’t. Therefore when the state changes, you should explicitly call the setForegroundState() or setBackgroundState() method in that context.

@Jason This doesn’t work even if i use the example they have posted on the github profile
Download and run the example and have the same problem, after 30 seconds the application is in the background it restarts