React-native Syncmanager get channel event when metadata updated?

Hey I’m enhancing user experience by adding syncmanager.

I first added channel syncmanager (not yet for message).

Anyway, my app is using metadata for 2 depth in channel list screen.

So I wanted to get event when meta data is changed.

As your document saying, (Channel sync | syncmanager javascript SDK | Sendbird Docs), when meta data is changed the event should come. But no event come…

Is that because I’m using free-trial…?
Is there any limitation…?

And sometimes, the last message is not updated properly… lol…

Actually, for js and react-native, is the syncmanager package stable?? Any use-case or blog??

Thank you. I’m having trouble haha… :sweat_smile:

Hi @seobew,

Metadata does not cause the onChannelChanged event to fire. Data does. They are two separate fields.

Hey Thank you for your reply.

But, in document, there is a event onMetadataUpdated on Real-time events.

I think some people like me may be confused, and hope update or some comment on that document.

Anyway thank you for your support :grinning: