Reaction issues with SBUChannelViewController

Currently testing with versions on a iOS 14.4 Simulator

  • SendBirdUIKit (2.0.8):
  • SendBirdSDK (~> 3.0.205)

I’m unable to get the reactions menu to show up shown here instead what I get is when I long press

Also I’m unable to get the sample app to compile using Xcode 12.4 so I can’t even verify if it works there.

I’m currently initializing my SBUChannelViewController this way:

SBUChannelViewController * channelVC = [[SBUChannelViewController alloc] initWithChannelUrl:self.channel_url messageListParams:nil];
UINavigationController * naviVC = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:channelVC];
UITabBarItem * chatTabBarItem = [[UITabBarItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Chat" image:[UIImage imageNamed:@"message-7"] tag:1];
naviVC.tabBarItem = chatTabBarItem;
[channelVC setTitleView:nil];
[channelVC setLeftBarButton:nil];
[channelVC setRightBarButton:nil];

Is there a reason why the reactions don’t show up in the message menu?


Let me take a look into this and see if I can recreate the issue.


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@Darin_Tanaka while we are investigating the issue, you can downgrade sdk version to 2.0.7. What error are you facing on sample app with xcode 12.4? and for reaction, your application should be ready to use the feature (I believe it can be configurable in dashboard)

For the sample app I get hundreds of compilation errors

I’ll try to downgrade and see what happens.

I think theres something wrong with sdk version :frowning:

Which SDK version should it be?

Could you run pod update on sample and see what versions they are?

Yes that was the issue! Thanks! I see the reactions in the Sample app now! However I’m still confused as to why it’s not showing up in my app when I integrate with the SDK. Is there anything I need to do with the App Settings in the dashboard or something other than the code I posted?

Like I previously mentioned, you need to check your application setting (sendbird application).

I’m not sure what this means?
The application settings for reactions
The emojis registered in the application

Do I need to do that in the dashboard?

also could you try to check on SBUEmojiManager.getEmojiCategories() method to see if you can get emojis successfully?

so we check on our side and reaction feature is enabled. Is your channel normal group channel? or something else. Because broadcast and super group channel are not allowed to use reaction

My channel url is sendbird_group_channel_225649541_bf0c16eff8c7ed1d7a85607d6e57e1d000fda160. I’m assuming since it has group_channel in the url it’s considered a group channel. Also I’m able to use reactions fine with the same group channel url in both Web and Android Sendbird UIKit.

huh that’s weird. because when I run the sample with ur app id, it shows reaction menu. Could you try to check SBUEmojiManager.useReaction and SBUEmojiManager.getEmojiCategories() returns emojis?

Oh I’m getting an empty array with SBUEmojiManager.getEmojiCategories(). How do I fix that?

could you tell me what error you got on your console? [SBUMain setLogLevel:LogTypeAll];

I’m getting the below in my logs

2021-03-06 02:05:42 +0000 :art:SBULog :blue_book:Info Main [SBUChannelViewController init(channelUrl:messageListParams:)] |


2021-03-06 02:05:42 +0000 :art:SBULog :closed_book:Error Main [SBUEmojiManager getEmojiCategories()] | [Failed] Emoji Categories: load emoji


@Woo I found the issue! I was connecting to Sendbird using SBDMain instead of SBUMain. The reactions are now showing up.

Just a thought but perhaps updating the iOS documentation to specify that calling SBUMain.connect is required prior to using the UIKit similar to the Android one here could be helpful.

Any thanks for helping with this issue! You can close this.