Replying to a FileMessage Error

Hello peeps. I’m using Flutter Sendbird package. The reply message feature is working with UserMessage. but I’m having a problem after replying to a FileMessage(Image). The sdk suddenly tries to reconnect and reconnect success then all sent images are not loading. I did tried to rerun my debug mode but still the images in a specific channel are not showing. It throws UnrecognizedMessageTypeError.

Hi @Arone_Jerome, Could you please share the screen recording while debugging of issue? It would help to understand the issue well.

Hello @sardorbek.numonov . I think i saw the issue here. Im using the secureUrl to display the image on my chat and upon checking on the image url return from the parentMessage. the secureUrl is the same as url and the requestAuth is set to false.

Should I use the url instead of secureUrl? then I manually add the authKey, What’s the best or proper way of displaying an image url? @sardorbek.numonov