SBConversation not scrolling down on load

When using the SBConversation component like so
renderChatHeader={() => null}

The channel loads however the scroll position is at the top and not at the bottom (which almost all chat programs behave this way).

Is there a reason this is happening? How do I fix this?




What version of the UIKit are you utilizing? I’ll take a look at it.


Yeah sure I’m using
“sendbird”: “^3.0.144”,
“sendbird-uikit”: “^2.0.2”,


I’m currently unable to reproduce this using the sample application running the same version of the Core SDK and UIKit. I’ve implemented your renderChatHeader method to see if that was causing issues, but no dice. Could you send more a DM with more of your implementation?


@Tyler, so I’m looking at it now it seems like it scrolls down fine if I only have text or image messages. However if I put a YouTube link for example and it shows the URL preview it no longer scrolls down correctly. Could you try experiment with the url preview messages?


Thank you for pointing that out. I just want to confirm that its not on the loading of the page were it fails to scroll down, but rather on the loading of the generated thumbnail where it fails to scroll down. Is that a correct understanding?

Yes! At first I thought it was the load but actually it’s when you add the link the chat.

Great. I was able to reproduce this. It may take some time to get resolved, but I’ll open a case with our Engineering team to see if we can correct this.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.