SBDUser profileUrl not updating using local cache

profileUrl of User is not updated in group channel collection after uploading the new one. Seems like cache is storing initial one and it is not updating with the newest.

SendBirdSDK (3.1.9)

Could you show me a snapshot of which part of the profile?

Also, did you check the difference between the user profile(through platform API) and the user profile of SDK collection? (How did you confirm that it was updated?)

  1. User has profile_picture1.jpg (url)
  2. I load group channel collection where profile_picture1.jpg is present
  3. Then we change profile picture of a user to profile_picture2.jpg
  4. SendBird console has the new picture profile_picture2.jpg
  5. I open the app and load group collection where profile_picture1.jpg is still there
  6. If I delete all caches and then reload group channel collection, then the new one is present profile_picture2.jpg

@nikola sorry for the late reply.

we change the profile picture of a user to profile_picture2.jpg
How do you change the image?

Also, can I ask you to check if it still happens after updating to the latest version of SDK 3.1.12 :pray:

Seems it’s not an issue anymore. Great!