SBSMChannelCollectionDelegate not called when app comes to foreground in iOS

SBSMChannelCollectionDelegate is not called when the app comes to the foreground in iOS
I am using,
SendBirdSDK (3.0.211)

  • SendBirdSyncManager (1.1.34):
    • SendBirdSDK (~> 3.0.203)
      And this is not updating the message count and last message.

Hi @Thangarajan, it would be helpful if you can give us more details about your use case.

In the Group list screen, I went background, I received some messages notifications are coming, after some time I came to the foreground, then the messages are not updating because the SBSMChannelCollectionDelegate not called.
Can you please help me with this?

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem you are facing… could you update sdk to latest version and set loglevel to debug, then tell me what logs you are seeing?