SBUChannelList - Message Cover Image

I’m using the SBUChannelListViewController to show a list of messages for the users that are logged in. However, the channel is created via SBD.

By doing so whenever a channel gets created the cover image of the channel is not set to the recipients cover image but a default stock image.
What I want is for each member in the group channel to see each others image in the message similar to any other chat.
Any help with will be highly appreciated.

Hi @Minon_Weerasinghe are you saying userA sees channel’s cover image as userB’s image and userB sees its cover image as userA’s image?

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Hi @Woo. Thank you for your response .Yes that is what I want. It used to be the case but out of now where it just changed after a pod update. Just wondering if SendBirds handling that in a different way now, if so how I cant get that back.

I doubt you can do that :confused: Channel’s cover image has to be either url or image data you upload, meaning it can have only one source.

If a channel gets created via the SBUCreateChannelViewController then the SBUChannelsListViewController will show the cover images properly. Properly meaning userA sees channel’s cover image as userB’s image and userB sees its cover image as userA’s image.

Let me recheck how it suppose to be worked! Get back to you as soon as I get that information :slight_smile:

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Hey @Woo just wondering if you have an update with regards to this. We have an app that we have planned to release next week and it would be great to have this on.

Hi @Minon_Weerasinghe my colleague is out of town due to holiday (Korea) so he will come back on Tuesday (PST). Meanwhile can you share the code how you create a channel via SendBirdSDK?

Hi @Minon_Weerasinghe, I just checked your issue.

If you use createChannel directly using SBD, you can see the same behavior as UIKit if you enter the channelUrl value of SBDGroupChannelParams as an empty string (“”) when creating a channel.
This part seems to need improvement. Thank you for reporting the problem.

And additionally,
When channels are first created, 1:1 channel expose each other’s profile images. And, the 1:n channel exposes some of the users’ profile images as a grid. But, if someone edits a channel image in the settings, that channel’s cover image changes. Therefore, other users will also see the changed cover image.


Hi @Tez thank you for the solution.
I think you meant to say coverUrl and not channelUrl.
By setting the coverUrl = “” via SBDGroupChannelParams it solved my issue.

Thank you for your support.