SDK is throwing the exception

I am getting the below exceptions from SDK, So please let me know when this exception will occur & how to fix it?

Exception 1:-

SendBirdException{code=400302, message=This session token is invalid.}
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Exception 2:-

SendBirdException{code=810100, message=SendBirdSyncManager.setup() not called.}
	at com.sendbird.syncmanager.z.b(SourceFile:11)
	at com.sendbird.syncmanager.z.a(SourceFile:1)
	at com.sendbird.syncmanager.y.a(SourceFile:3)
	at com.sendbird.syncmanager.SendBirdSyncManager.setup(SourceFile:15)

Also please confirm above mentioned are Fatal exceptions or just SDK errors?

Hi @Development_Account,

The first exception is thrown due to an invalid token, but this depends on how you have implemented authentication. Are you using session tokens or access tokens?

The second exception is from SyncManager. You are either not calling the setup method, or another SyncManager method was called before SyncManager initialized.

Just as to note, SyncManager was deprecated in v3.1 of the Chat SDK, and you should move to Local Caching as soon as possible.

@Ian_Wright For the,
The first exception:- We are using session tokens

The second exception:-

  • You are either not calling the setup method >I am calling the setup method.
  • Another SyncManager method was called before SyncManager initialized > Please let me how to check this?