Search Indexing

We are using Group and Supergroup channels in our React Native app. Right now all users get retroactive access to historical messages once they join. However, we’re finding that the search feature is only indexing messages from when you join (not any of the previous ones from before you joined). Is there a way to fix this?

Hello @jonportman

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Yes, there is a way to fix this issue. By default, Sendbird’s search feature only indexes messages from when a user joins a group or Supergroup channel. However, you can enable the indexing of previous messages by turning on the chat history feature for the specific group or Supergroup channel.

To enable chat history for a group or Supergroup channel, you can go to the Sendbird Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Chat > Channels > Group channels > Turn On Chat History.

Once chat history is enabled for the channel, all messages, including the previous ones, will be indexed and searchable using the search feature.

Let me know if this helps.