Send message issues after resume from background

I got the strange issue with sending message, which is reproducible by following steps:

  1. Send a few messages (Successfully)
  2. Send app to background
  3. Resume app in few seconds
  4. Send other message

Result: All messages from step 4 will be failed to send.

So any possible scenarios where reconnection might not be triggered when moving the app to background and back on foreground. I created another app but it work normally excepted the old one.

Hi @phongvhd93 would you tell me what SDK version you are currently using? and are you saying after step 4, all messages just fail to send no matter how long you waited?

Are you saying it works fine with another app?

Hi @Woo thanks for your quick response, here is my SDK version:

SendBirdSDK: 3.0.187
SendBirdSyncManager: 1.1.27

And all the message it just fail no matter how long I waited.
This is the log:
Error Domain=WS connection closed. Code=800200 "(null)"

The other app still fine.

can you please update your sdk version to latest and see if it still happens?

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