Send push notifications to IOS using Firebase

Hi, our team is integrating Sendbird in our application and we faced issues with push notifications. We have already configured Firebase to send push notifications to both Android and IOS. We would like to use only FCM tokens with the Sendbird integration, but when I do that for IOS devices the notifications don’t pop up. With Android everything is fine.

Is it possible that at all with Sendbird? If not, please outline it in the documentation, because in order to have consistent behaviour in IOS and Android I’ll need to write tons of dirty code as you have done it in the sample ui-kit react-native app.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Asen_Bozhilov,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Currently Sendbird does not support sending iOS notifications via FCM. We only support APNS for iOS notifications.

Hi @Tyler

OK, that makes sense, but there is an article which explicitly states the following:

“…the client app instance can receive and handle the FCM notification messages regardless of the iOS or Android platform…”

So, which is true? The article above is written by a Solutions Engineer and from my testings does not make any sense. Please update your documentation, because this is a paid service. If it was an open source I’d accept mistakes like those, but for a paid service I expect better documentation!

On top of that the article above is marked as a tutorial. Has it been tested by someone or you post articles without even test the code in them?

Hi @Tyler
I think the discussion is important not only for me, but for anyone who tries to integrate Sendbird with react-native.
The change to support IOS notifications via Firebase should not be a big change, but please correct me if I’m wrong.