SENDBIRD Call feature using react in web application

I’m using react SDK sample from GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-calls-reactjs

What I’m trying to achieve is to accommodate the sample application in my dot net MVC project but when I add the deployable files to my project and trying to run the application it loads the blank screen, but when I directly deploy the files under build folder to IIS it will run without any issues.

Seems the routing may creating the issues. It will internally set’s the routing and depend on the query string values it will render the page. Can anyone assist me on this.

Hi @Swapnil_Shelke and welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Without being very familiar with .NET usage with React, I also think this is related to routing. In that case, can you try and replace react-router (which is used in the sample app) with the ReactJS.NET router?