SendBird GiftedChat Helper

Hi community!

We’ve recently moved over to SendBird. Our RN app is using GiftedChat, I found a lot of questions on Stackoverflow regarding using SendBird with the react-native-gifted-chat component. The helper below will take your SendBird messages and format for GiftedChat.

Note: For the onSend method, make sure to deconstruct the array and only send over the text value, otherwise SendBird throws an error:

onSend={([message]) => sendMessage(message.text)}

Hope it’s helpful :nerd_face:



 * SendBird > GiftedChat Formatter
 * @param {Object} messages SendBird messages object 
 * @param {string} messageId Message ID
 * @param {Object} _sender Sender object
 * @param {string} message Message text 
 * @param {string} createdAt Date of message set as moment()
 * @returns {Object} Message formatted for GiftedChat 
export const formatMessage = ({ messageId, _sender, message, createdAt }) => {
  return message = {
    _id: messageId?.toString(), // Fix: GiftedChat keyExtractor Bug
    text: message,
    createdAt: moment(createdAt),
    user: {
      _id: _sender?.userId,
      name: _sender?.nickname
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@inrecovery Thank you for contributing the community!! :heart_eyes: Feel free to give us any feedbacks