Sendbird Push Notification Not Received

I’m not able to receive push notifications for incoming voice calls. User is properly registered, VoIP token is also generated, and registerRemotePush() call is also successful. I have used different APN certificates for Calls and Chat. Does that affect? Or what can be the issue there?

Hi @Mansi_Joshi,

Are you using VoIP Push or Remote push for your application?
If you plan to use VoIP push, then you should register the push token using the registerVoIPPush method, and use registerRemotePush if you plan to use remote push.

Also, did you register the APNs certificate on the Sendbird dashboard for Calls?


I’m using remote push notification. I did register the APNs on SendBird dashboard. The Chat APN certificates are different than that of Calls APN certificates for the same app.