Sendbird uikit for RN 0.61.5

Looking for Sendbird UI kit that is working for RN 0.61.5
I’m sorry if this is basic question, since I can’t find the information anywhere.
Maybe it due to my neglect that I can’t find it.

I’m working on old RN app that still use version 0.61.5,
We are working on updating the RN version, but we need to implement the chat functionality first.
As I have some experience with Sendbird for native app, I think we can use sendbird too for this project.

I already try to install @sendbird/uikit-react-native from the latest, down to 1.0.0. but all have similar error, that is Invariant Violation error.

Some of the newer version state that it was error on GroupChannelPreviewContainer file, while the older one is on CellRenderer.

I try to read the code for GroupChannelPreviewContainer, and there seems to be some Component that is suspicious, named Pressable. This component was imported on all ui kit version.
Base on my research, Pressable was introduced on react-native 0.63.

So is it imposible to use sendbird uikit for RN 0.61.5?
maybe there are separate sdk, like sendbird for older version and @sendbird/chat for newer version of the sdk?

Thank you for your attentions

Never mind this. We are updating to RN 0.63.5 already and can use the ui kit now.

Thank you