Sendbird UIkit React native uikitOptions configuration on camera, gallery and document not hiding the attachment icon if all turned off

In @sendbird/uikit-react-native v3.0.0 release, it’s nice to provide the way to enable/disable the camera, gallery and document. However, when setting uikitOptions configuration on camera, gallery and document to be disabled. The attachment icon should just be hidden. It’s weird when tap attachment icon and no sheet pulled up when all three options are set to disabled, can the attachment icon be hidden as well.

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[UIKit Version]
UIKit react-native v3.0.0

[Reproduction Steps]
set the following in uikitOptions:
input: {
camera: {
enablePhoto: false,
enableVideo: false,
gallery: {
enablePhoto: false,
enableVideo: false,
enableDocument: false,

all the time

[Current impact]

Hello, during the process of supporting uikit config, we discussed the issue you mentioned, but we decided not to include it.
There can be various cases like customized menus are included in the sheet that appears when the Attachments button is pressed. Instead, we are preparing to customize the Input area through a different method.

If you want to hide the attachment button in the Input, you can customize it at the code level as follows:

const { Input } = createGroupChannelModule();
const GroupChannelFragment = createGroupChannelFragment({
  Input: (props) => <Input {...props} AttachmentsButton={() => null} />,

Hi Airen, I tried with the suggested solution. It doesn’t seem work. The attachment icon still show up though the camera, photo and document upload sheets hidden.

Hi @jshen, If props have been passed correctly, it should appear as follows:


Please pay attention to the order of ...props.