@sendbird/uikit-react tree shaking

I am using very little of @sendbird/uikit-react due to numerous issues listed in another thread. I have few imports which I will list below. The problem is nothing is getting tree shaken during the webpack bundling process.

The only imports I have are:

import { useSendbirdStateContext } from "@sendbird/uikit-react";
import SendbirdMesssageList from "@sendbird/uikit-react/Channel/components/MessageList";
import { useChannelContext, ChannelProvider } from "@sendbird/uikit-react/Channel/context";
import MessageInput from "@sendbird/uikit-react/Channel/components/MessageInput";
import GroupChannelHandler from "@sendbird/uikit-react/handlers/GroupChannelHandler";

Nothing else. I tried converting import { useSendbirdStateContext } from "@sendbird/uikit-react";
to import useSendbirdStateContext from @sendbird/uikit-react/useSendbirdStateContext";
but as soon as I change the last entry over, I then get: Could not find a declaration file for module ‘@sendbird/uikit-react/useSendbirdStateContext’

I don’t think this thing is properly setup for ES modules.

Any suggestions? All my other modules are tree shaking, so I know it’s not a webpack config issue. I’d rather not have 1.27 megs of JS that is mostly unused.

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Hello @Michael_McLafferty,

import useSendbirdStateContext from '@sendbird/uikit-react/useSendbirdStateContext'

This import works in UIKit 3.4.7 and later.

Thanks. Typings didn’t resolve, so I had to add /// <reference types="@sendbird/uikit-react/index.d.ts"/>
but after that it worked. Seems tree shaking started working a bit too on the uikit-react. However, it seems like @sendbird/chat maybe grew quite a bit though.