SendBird UIKit v2.0.1 (Android) has been released! (2021-01-11)

v2.0.1 (January 11, 2021) with Core SDK v3.0.154
• Added showMediaSelectDialog() in ChannelFragment and OpenChannelFragment.
• Added takeCamera(), takePhoto(), and takeFile() in ChannelFragment and OpenChannelFragment.
• Added setUseInputLeftButton(boolean useInputLeftButton) in ChannelFragment.Builder and OpenChannelFragment.Builder.
• Support image resizing and compression
• Added setUseImageCompression(boolean) and shouldUseImageCompression() in SendBirdUIKit
• Added setCompressQuality(int) and getCompressQuality() in SendBirdUIKit
• Added setResizingSize(Pair<Integer, Integer>) and getResizingSize() in SendBirdUIKit
• Fix compile issue on gradle 4.1.1