SendBird UIKit v2.2.0 (JavaScript) has been released! (2021-03-19)

• Features:
• - standalone message search component with props:
channelUrl: string;
searchString?: string;
messageSearchQuery?: SendbirdUIKit.MessageSearchQueryType;
renderSearchItem?({ message, onResultClick }: {
message: ClientSentMessages,
onResultClick?: (message: ClientSentMessages) => void,
}): JSX.Element;
onResultLoaded?(messages?: Array, error?: SendbirdError): void;
onResultClick?(message: ClientSentMessages): void;
• can enable or disable search using prop: showSearchIcon
• Add prop to highlight and navigate betweeen messages
highlightedMessage?: string | number;
startingPoint: number;
• Bugfixes:
• Stability fixes