Sendbird Unity sample Error

downloaded unity sample from github - GitHub - sendbird/SendBird-Unity: A guide of the installation and functions of Sendbird Chat for Unity sample.
faced runtime error like below (seems like this error is related to channel list UI)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
SendBird.Query.MessagingChannelListQuery.<Next>b__14_0 (System.Object sender, SendBird.APIOnResultEventArgs e) (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.SendBirdSDK+SDKClient+<>c__DisplayClass49_0.<MessagingList>b__0 (System.Object sender, SendBird.APIOnResultEventArgs e) (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.SendBirdSDK+SDKClient+<>c__DisplayClass29_0.<Login>b__0 (System.Object sender, SendBird.APIOnResultEventArgs e) (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.API.APIClient+<>c__DisplayClass13_0.<GuestLogin>b__0 (System.Object sender, SendBird.AsyncResponseEventArgs e) (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.API.RESTClient+<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<APIRequest>b__1 (UnityEngine.WWW www) (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.API.RESTClient+<>c__DisplayClass3_0.<WaitForHttpRequest>b__0 () (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
SendBird.Dispatcher+<CreateDispatcherCoroutine>d__17.MoveNext () (at <9b31c0bc832447968c7e875ff719361a>:0)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)
  • using unity version 2020.3.13f1
  • replaced appid with my own app id created in dashboard

how can i remove the error above?
is this unity sample application still maintained?

Hi @nxdev01 Thanks for reaching out. I will check with team and see the issue can be resolved

Hi, @nxdev01
Could you give me more details such as:

  1. Did it happen when you log in and create a channel and enter the chat channel ?
  2. If there are any modifications made to the source sample, please send a snippet of the code.

turned out that i downloaded old version ( from releases, V.2.3.0 )

latest version cloned from repository has no problem
sorry for bothering you