SendBirdException: Command received no ack

I’m having issues using SendBird Javascript SDK v3.0.145 with syncmanager v1.1.23.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Any tip on how to solve it?

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Welcome to the Sendbird community. The Command received no ack error is a network based issue where the command we sent via the SDK did not receive an ACK from the Sendbird server before its timeout.



@Tyler thanks for the reply… Do you know what might be causing that to happen? Would be great to know how to avoid getting that error.

Hey @jkepps,

Apologize for the delay. There is not way for us to know what is causing that from your side. Essentially its the SDK stating that it didn’t receive an acknowledgement from the Sendbird server. This is typically due to network performance on the client end.

@Tyler does that mean we’ve implemented something incorrectly? Or are you saying it’s due to a poor network connection on the end user’s device? If it’s the latter it seems like the SyncManager package should handle that a little more gracefully since there’s not much that can be done about it, no?