Session-Key doesn't match user_id


We are facing an issue when users log in and connect to sendbird server. Afterwards, trying to load the list of available channels we get the following message Not authorized. "Session-Key doesn’t match user_id

Any idea why can this happen?

Also, is there a way I can refresh this session key?


Hello @Juan_Jose_Sebastian thank you for your patient. Would you share some code snippet and/or screen shot so we can debug what exactly happen.

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Hi Woo,

To init sendbird in main.dart

`void _sendBirdInit() { try { _sendBird = SendbirdSdk(appId: Flavor.sendbird); _sendBird.addChannelEventHandler("channel_list_view_shopper", this); } catch (err) { debugPrint("SENDBIRD_INIT: $err"); } }`

To connect user when login is success

`Future<void> connectUserToSendBirdServer( {UserModel user, TokensModel token}) async { try { await _sendBird.connect(user?.user?.email); await _sendBird.updateCurrentUserInfo( nickname: "${user?.user?.firstName ?? ""} ${user?.user?.lastName ?? ""}", fileInfo: FileInfo.fromUrl(mimeType: "image/jpeg", url: user?.picture ?? ""), ); } catch (err) { RegularException(where: "CONNECT_USER", message: "${err.message}"); } }`

After this, get the list of channels

`Future<void> loadChannelList() async { try { query = GroupChannelListQuery() ..order = GroupChannelListOrder.latestLastMessage _groupChannels = await query.loadNext(); notifyListeners(); } catch (err) { throw RegularException(where: 'LOAD_CHANNEL_LISTS', message: err.message); } }`

Although I get this error message: → Not authorized. "Session-Key doesn’t match user_id

would you be able to create a project to reproduce your issue? I can’t think of any issue nor I can reproduce on sample.