Session timeout

Is there session timeout in SendBird Chat?

@StephenCP Are you referring to session token timeout?

Hi Eric,

Yes, I see, I believe it is. Is it possible to have some users with access token, and others with session token?

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Hi @StephenCP yes, it’s technically possible to have both users with access tokens and session tokens in the application, but we recommend selecting one approach for simplicity.

Advantages of access tokens are that you do not need to re-issue access tokens since they do not expire. But, the downside is, in the event the access token is ever compromised, you would need to manually handle revoking a compromised access token and calling update on the user to re-issue the access token.

Advantages of session tokens are that they are more secure due to the expiration date. But, the downside is they should be cached locally or at least on your server-side and handled upon expiration.