Show translated message in a message cell

SendBirdSDK (3.1.13), SendBirdUIKit (2.2.6)

I created my own custom cell and I registered it in my custom CustomChannelViewController. In CustomUserMessageCell I assigned translated value to “deTranslation” constant, but I don’ know how to make the translated value (deTranslation) visible in the message UI. Any suggestions how to do it?

final class CustomChannelViewController: SBUChannelViewController {

    override init(channel: SBDGroupChannel, messageListParams: SBDMessageListParams? = nil) {
        super.init(channel: channel, messageListParams: messageListParams)

        register(userMessageCell: CustomUserMessageCell(), nib: nil)


final class CustomUserMessageCell: SBUUserMessageCell {

    override func configure(with configuration: SBUBaseMessageCellParams) {
        super.configure(with: configuration)

        let deTranslation = userMessage?.translations?["de"]