Sometimes push notification is not working

Hey there.

I did well all steps on documentations for push notifacion. And It works well.

But, sometimes push notification is not reachable. Especially, chat with newly registered account.

Assume that there are account A, B (registered before) and C (registered today).

Chat between A-B : Notification works well.

Chat between A-C : Notification is not working. (messageReceived handler is works well)

Chat between B-C : Notification is not working. (messageReceived handler is works well)

sdk version is 3.0.106

Hi @11116,

Can I ask how you’ve implemented the push notification? There’s a default push notification behavior vs multi-device support push notification using the SendBirdPushHandler.

Could you clarify some parts so we can understand the situation better.

  1. For chat between A-C or B-C, does the push notification not work at all? or does it work only sometimes (if it doesn’t work only sometimes, does it work/not work under the same environment? same device, same network, etc.)

  2. by messageReceived handler is working, you mean the ChannelHandler.onMessageReceived() right?

Also, could you try again with our latest SDK? You’re seem to be using quite old SDK version, our latest is 3.0.168.