Subclass MessageInputView in UIKit iOS SDK

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate a customized chat using the iOS SendBirdUIKit. In our requirements we need to customize the default UI provided with the SDK.

The docs clearly shows how to customize the group channel class, register and use custom chat cells. But it is not that clear on how to override the MessageInputView Component.

I have successfully created a custom class “ChatViewController” that is a subclass from SBUChannelViewController. I also created a custom class “ChatMessageInputView” that is a subclass of SBUMessageInputView. What I don’t understand is how do I pass my custom ChatMessageInputView to my “ChatViewController”.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

SendBirdUIKit Version: 2.1.13

Hello, Thank you for reaching out.

Can you please create ChatViewController instance and update messageInputView to customized message input view.

let vc = ChatViewController(channel: someChannel)
vc.messageInputView = ChatMessageInputView()

Please let me know if this helps.